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Гимназия №29



Н. Н. Голенович,

заместитель директора по учебной работе ГУО «Гимназия № 29 г. Минска»

Н. С. Курулева,

учитель английского языка ГУО «Гимназия № 29 г. Минска»

Данный материал является разработкой тематической викторины (аналогично формату известной

телеигры-викторины «Своя игра») для учащихся 9-10 классов по предмету «Английский язык».

Основная цель мероприятия – формирование устойчивой мотивации к изучению иностранного языка.

Материал может быть интересен учителям английского языка при проведении дней науки, предметных

недель и внеклассных мероприятий.

Использование данного методического приема позволяет:

1) формировать устойчивый интерес у учащихся к изучению иностранного языка;

2) активизировать познавательную деятельность учащихся;

3) повышать качество усвоения изучаемого материала;

4) реализовать межпредметные связи;

5) выявлять индивидуальные способности учащихся;

6) создавать творческую обстановку в коллективе;

Subject Question/Answer


100 Who of Famusov’s guests was the first to name Chatsky “the crazy”?

“Woe from Wit” by A. Griboyedov; Sofia

200 What was Tatyana Larina’s patronymic?

“Eugene Onegin” by A. S. Pushkin; Dmitrievna, her father –DmitriyLarin

300Incognito question


400 The first literary work that was written by N. V. Gogol which he burnt then


500 What is Pavel PetrovichKirsanov treasuring after having gone abroad at the end of the

novel by I. S. Turgenev “Fathers and Sons”?

A silver ashtray in the form of a village boot or shoe (a bast shoe)

600 Who did Pierre Bezukhov fight a duel with and because of whom did he fight?

“War and Peace” by L. Tolstoy; with Dolokhov, because of Elen


100Enumerate all the names of Duchess Ragneda

Ragneda - Garyslava - Anastasia

200Name the author and the title of the book, where «The battle of Grunwald» is


G. S enkevich «The Knights of the Cross»

300Bonus 300

400«Encyclopedia of the village life». Name the author, the genre and the official name of

this work.

Y. Kolas, a poem «A new Land»

500 M. Matukoyski noticed about this writer the following: «He presented «glasses» to

each of us, which helped to see the world in a funny way.“ Name a literary nickname

and a real name of this author

K. Krapiva; KandratKandratavichAtrahovich

600Nadine and Andrew are the main characters of this narrative, which was written in

1958. Name the author and the title of the narrative

Y. Karatkevich, «King Stakh’s Wild Hunt»


100 What female has two birthdays in the UK?

Elizabeth II

200 What river do English people call «the father of London»?

The Thames

300 What is another name for the Houses of Parliament in the UK?

The Palace of Westminster

400 What is the British judicial system based on?

Acts of Parliament

500 What are the best-known English resorts?

Bristol and Bath

600 What bridge over the Thames was pulled down in 1970 and transported, piece by piece,

to Arizona, USA?

London Bridge


100Bonus 100 Break for music

200 The first one was a great duke, as was his brother. Two of his numerous children also

held the title of the great duke. The most prominent of his offsprings achieved a flawless

victory against the Crusaders, fighting alongside his cousin. What was the name of that



300 These people waged many wars. They never got accustomed to cultivating the land, and

freedom was for them, as it was known then to all the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth,

of the top importance. They were the ancestors of one of our contemporary neighbouringnations. Whatwerethesepeoplecalled?

The Cossacks

400 He was believed to be a tyrant and the person, who had discarded his father’s reforms

altogether. But how could he have not discarded them, since his father, having carried

out the reforms, was subsequently murdered by a Belarusian native? What was the

name of the Tyrant?

Alexander the third

500 In XVI-XVIII there were more than 60 of such meetings held over the course of 226

years, with most of them ending to no avail, because of a strange rule. The rule had been

imposed at these meetings, but later it got discarded - which led to the ratification of

this document. Moreover, in the world history this had happened previously only once.

What was the name of the ratified document?


600 The first instance of the law was passed in 1447, then in 1468, later on in 1529 and

1566. The last amendment to this law was adopted in 1588. And then? the miserable

times came for the majority of population. What was the name of that law?



100A term when a body makes one turn

A period

200 A Russian physicist, who studied atmospheric electricity. During the experiment he

died of a sudden lightning


300 An English physicist, the author of the book «The history of a candle»


400 How can we cool coffee quicker - to add some cool cream first or to wait a bit and then

add some cool cream?

The speed of heat change with the environment depends on the difference of

temperatures. It’s better to wait a little bit and then add cream

500Magic box


600 Why do tram’s and trolley’s lines have different amount of leading rush wires?

The rail is a «zero» wire of a tram’s line


100 What portrait is of a famous Russian Chemist D. I. Mendeleev?

*Appendix 1


200Bonus 200

Musical round. (Game with the audience «Guess the melody»)


300 What chemical element is odd in this line:

K; Mn; Cr; Cl; Ba?


400 What substance doesn’t react with hydrochloric acid (солянаякислота):

KOH; BaO; NH3; NaHCO3; Cu?


500 Point out an elementary substance:

а) diamond

b) chalk

c) potash

d) bicarbonate of soda


600 Say the sum of all the coefficients in the reaction of full burning of sulphuretted

hydrogen (сероводород).

a)      9

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